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Local Service Resources

Local Service Committee Resources

Welcome to the Local Service Committee Resource area where NA service committees can share locally developed resource material.  This material is presented as a resource so that NA service bodies might benefit from others' experience and work. Keep in mind that the material found here is not approved or endorsed by NA World Services or the World Service Conference, unless clearly designated otherwise. In addition to those local materials, we have also placed various resources developed by NA World Services. These materials are either approved by NA World Services or in some cases, the World Service Conference. All WSC-approved material is clearly indicated as such. The material is presented to assist NA service bodies in their efforts. If they help you in your efforts, please feel free to adapt them to your needs. They should not be viewed as rules or mandates.

Anyone is free to download any of these materials, and all of these resources can be used or adapted as your local service committee sees fit. Please look in the subheadings for files in languages other than English.  

If your area or region wishes to share locally developed resources, please send it to, and we will post them on the web site for you. NA World Services reserves the right to remove any item from this area without exception.

If you wish to browse and/or download the material, please click on the links below:



News for our Members

Service System: If you are from a region or area that is trying some of the ideas from the Service System Project, or you are discussing how they might work and you want to try lifting some of the ideas off of the drawing board with us, we encourage you to contact world services if you haven’t already done so. For more information on this project see the service system page.

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