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  • 2015 Membership Survey is still online and will be until the end of October. Easy link to remember is
  • World Convention: The WCNA 36 final report is not complete; registrations are still being reconciled. We are already seeing fellowship growth and PR opportunities in Brazil as a result of the event.
  • Traditions Project: The review-and-input period for Traditions Seven through Ten ended on 31 August, and input for Traditions Eleven and Twelve and the closing section is due by 30 September 2015. We are in the process of putting the book together for the CAR and are thankful to members who participated in the process.
  • Decision Making at the WSC workgroup: We will be offering tools and resources to assist the WSC Cofacilitators, along with electronic voting for the WSC. The workgroup is also discussing processes for better discussing ideas at the WSC and for forwarding input to the NAWS Strategic Plan. Surveys in the CAR will be used to gather information from the fellowship.

  • Planning Our Future workgroup: The Role of Zones workshop is available at We encourage zones to participate and send your input to us. We have compiled some basic information about each zone and will be sharing that soon. We also aim to have a presentation about the sustainability of the WSC created by the time the CAR is released.

  • Delegates Sharing workgroup: The workgroup sent a survey to conference participants to help frame the Delegate Sharing session at the next WSC and to create workshops for the Saturday before the WSC opens.
  • WSC Seating workgroup: Eight regions applied for seating at WSC 2016. The workgroup is consider- ing each application and will submit recommendations to the World Board. The workgroup and board reports will be published as part of the CAT material in January 2016.
  • Service System Project: We held two web meetings to provide an overview of the project ideas and to discuss local implementation efforts, and are planning to hold more. We hope to draft Service System Basics, Local Service Basics, and Group Support Basics this cycle. We are also planning to post locally developed tools and material from the webinars online at
  • Web Meetings: If you would like to join us and discuss issues and solutions in service efforts, please send your name, trusted servant position, and region and/or area to for conventions, for H&I and Inmate Step Writing committees, for PR/PI trusted servants, and for Service System
  • Service Pamphlets: We are highlighting this valuable resource for groups and members—available online here:

  • Financials: Fellowship contributions exceeded $1 million in the fiscal year ending 30 June 2015 for the first time in our history. We continue to encourage members to participate in the work of NA World Services to make recovery available to addicts globally and our Vision a reality by contributing financially through our portal at

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