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  • Traditions Project: The Introduction and Tradition One have been released for review and input. We want to encourage all members to participate in this process: In the meantime, we still desire input on Traditions 2–12; we hope you will share your experience, strength, and hope with us.
  • Service System: We are hosting a series of webinars and will be creating three pamphlets for members focused on a brief overview of the core principles of the Service System, Group Support Basics, and Local Service Basics. Please continue to visit or send your name, trusted servant position, and region and/or area to to sign up for the webinars.
  • Issue Discussion Topics: We want to encourage members and service bodies to try these and encourage you to send us your feedback. The current topics are: Welcoming All Members, Planning, and Group Support. These are available at:
  • NA Copyrights: We are asking for your help protecting NA’s property and keeping it safe for the future of our Fellowship. Please join us in taking a stand against illicit production and distribution of our literature. For more information see “NA Literature and Copyrights” posted online at
  • Service Pamphlets: We are highlighting this valuable resource for groups and members—available online here:
  • Webinars: Participation in our webinars continues to increase. If you would like to join us and discuss issues and solutions please send your name, trusted servant position, and region and/or area to for conventions, for H&I and Inmate Step Writing committees, and for PR/PI trusted servants.
  • World Convention: After the success of WCNA 35 we are looking forward to WCNA 36 in Rio de Janeiro during June 2015.
  • Financials: We continue to encourage members to participate in the work of NA World Services by contributing financially through our portal at

News for the Public

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