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  • 2015 Membership Survey is online...  go here to access the survey page.  Easy link to remember is
  • Decision Making at the WSC: Our first focus was the Old Business session. We encourage those who have proposals amending Conference Agenda Report motions to submit them for inclusion in the Conference Report so all conference participants can review them prior to the WSC. We are also looking at tools and resources to assist the WSC Cofacilitators, and looking into electronic voting for the WSC. 
  • Planning Our Future: The workgroup has focused on developing the Role of Zones workshop, which is in­tended to help zones think about what is important to them and what they do well. The workshop material is available at The workgroup has also had brainstorming sessions about ‘our’ WSC future, but is nowhere near a recommendation; they are simply discussing ideas. The overarching question is: “How can we improve our processes so that members and groups feel a connection to and a part of worldwide NA?” Please share your thoughts with us at
  • Delegate Sharing: The workgroup is charged with framing a session at WSC 2016 for RDs to talk about issues and experience in order to foster unity, as well as planning the Saturday afternoon workshops preceding the opening of the WSC. The workgroup is developing a brief survey to gather input from conference partici­pants to help plan these sessions.
  • WSC Seating: A WSC Seating workgroup was created with three Regional Delegates who are current­ly serving on the Planning Our Future workgroup and one World Board member. This workgroup will initially meet virtually. We aim to revise the Regional Profile to include more objective and measureable questions for regions who request seating.
  • Service System: We hope to accomplish the following tasks this cycle. Draft Service System Basics, Lo­cal Service Basics, and Group Support Basics; hold web meetings; establish a webpage for locally developed tools; and begin to revise some of the draft tools posted on

    Service Pamphlets: We are highlighting this valuable resource for groups and members—available online here:

  • Web Meetings: Participation continues to increase. If you would like to join us and discuss issues and solu­tions, please send your name, trusted servant position, and region and/or area to for conven­tions, for H&I and Inmate Step Writing committees, for PR/PI trusted servants, and for Service System.
  • World Convention: WCNA 36 is two months away! We encourage you to register at and share with us at this multicultural, multilingual recovery celebration.
  • Financials: We continue to encourage members to participate in the work of NA World Services by contributing financially through our portal at

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