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We are changing our Internet backbone so some of our services may be offline until Monday, 24 October.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • We approved the Traditions book, “Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions,” which will be ready for purchase in October 2016. 
  • PR News: Updated versions of the Membership Survey and Information about NA pamphlets will be available in July 2016. These items were updated to reflect the 2015 Membership Survey results. This Membership Survey received 22,803 responses.
  • We just published a Product Newsflash.  View it here.
  • Interested in PR? H&I? Inmate Step Writing? Please write or to sign up for these member-driven web meetings; these are held every three to four months.
  • Doing service in a rural location? We recently started web meetings for those serving in rural locations. Please write to if you would like to be notified of the next web meeting.

  • Interested in participating in a workgroup or helping with a project in some way this cycle? We will be coordinating several virtual focus and workgroups and possibly some face-to-face workgroups this cycle. If you are interested in the Future of the WSC; Service Tools for Groups, Areas, and Events; Delegate Sharing; WSC Seating; or any of our other projects or periodicals, please let us know at If you have not completed a World Pool form, please complete one (

  • We will not be putting together a workgroup for a literature project this cycle, but we do plan to collect input for potential future literature projects including an IP on mental illness and recovery and a daily meditation book. We will have more information later in this cycle.
  • Issue discussion topics for this cycle are Applying Our Principles to Technology and Social Media, How to Use “Guiding Principles,” and Atmosphere of Recovery in Service: Every member, inspired by the gift of recovery, experiences spiritual growth and fulfillment through service. We will send an eblast when we have workshop and discussion questions developed.

  • Financials: We mentioned in the NAWS Report session at WSC 2016 that long-term financial viability is a priority for us this cycle; we are focused on ensuring NAWS’ sustainability, including reevaluating our literature distribution system.

  • WSC 2016 included a couple of sessions focused on the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust (FIPT) to seek delegates’ guidance. A statement will be released after the delegates review and approve it. We all, as members, need to protect the copyrights of NA’s literature.

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