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  • World Convention: A preliminary report for WCNA 36 is included with this issue of NAWS News. Greater than budgeted expenses and a lower than predicted attendance led to an overall financial loss for the event. On the positive side, we are already seeing Fellowship growth and PR opportunities in Brazil as a result of the event. We want to again thank the members of the support workgroup and the other local volunteers for their unprecedented efforts to make WCNA 36 a reality
  • The November Product Update is online  

  • The 2016 Conference Agenda Report (CAR) is available at or from the WSO at $15.00, including tax and shipping. Videos that summarize the contents will again be offered for this CAR. Conference participants are invited to join the World Board for a webinar on December 12 at 10 am PST. 

  • Traditions Project: The approval form of the Traditions workbook, “Guiding Principles—The Spirit of Our Traditions,” is available as part of the CAR on the Conference webpage. We are thankful to all the members who participated in the process. 

  • Surveys in the CAR will be used to gather information from the Fellowship on what recovery literature and service material they want and their ideas for Issue Discussion Topics for the next cycle. Additionally, we will be offering the survey online on the Conference webpage. 

  • Planning Our Future packet: This will include the results from the Role of Zones workshops, a snapshot of data for zones today in NA, and a narrated PowerPoint on the future of the WSC. These materials will be available online at or by a link on the Conference webpage. 

  • 2016 Conference Approval Track (CAT): The CAT material will contain the NAWS Strategic Plan, budget, project plans, and WSC seating recommendations and applications. It will be available online on the Conference webpage or from the WSO at $11.00, including tax and shipping. 

  • Decision Making at the WSC: Also included in the 2016 CAT material will be proposed tools and resources to assist the WSC cofacilitators, along with proposals for better discussing ideas at the WSC and for forwarding input to the NAWS Strategic Plan. Delegates will also have the opportunity to include ideas and issues for Fellowship discussion in the CAT in addition to the opportunity they already have in the Conference Report. The deadline for inclusion in the CAT is 15 December 2015. We will also be experiment- ing with electronic voting at this WSC. 

  • PR Pamphlet: We anticipate that a draft of this resource focused on providing information for professionals regarding the medicalization of addiction treatment and the NA Third Tradition will be available in the next couple of months for a 90–day review by Conference participants. An e-blast will be sent when the pamphlet is ready. 

  • Web Meetings: If you would like to join us and discuss issues and solutions in service efforts, please send your name, trusted servant position, and region and/or area to for conventions, for H&I and Inmate Step Writing committees, for PR/PI trusted servants, and for Service System. 

  • Financials: Fellowship contributions exceeded $1 million in the fiscal year ending 30 June 2015 for the first time in our history. We continue to encourage members to participate in the work of NA World Services to make recovery available to addicts globally and our Vision a reality by contributing financially through our portal at

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