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Planning Our Future Project

As NA grows, the World Service Conference has been growing along with it. That may sound like good news, but it’s more complicated than that. The larger the Conference becomes, the more expensive and, after a point, the less effective it gets. At the last WSC, participants had a series of sessions in breakout rooms about the future of the WSC and how to best meet the needs of NA in an ever-growing Fellowship. In each of these rooms, much of the discussion highlighted the possibility that the way forward rests, in part, with our use of zones.

We plan to continue discussing the future of the WSC and the role of zones at the upcoming Conference. There are two related aspects of this conversation: 1. the size and shape of the Conference, 2. the role of zones as they relate to the region, area, and all the way to the home group. The resources on this page should help zones think about the second aspect—their roles now and in the future. Our main concern about the first aspect is that the Conference can come to agreement about a vision for itself that serves our collective needs as a Fellowship, uses its fair share of Fellowship resources, and allows for effective discussions and decision making. 

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