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Service System Project

The Service System Project was created to take an overall view at how to improve local services and address some of the long-standing challenges in service delivery. This is the third cycle of this project. More background on the project can be found following the links below.

At the last World Service Conference the fellowship approved a series of resolutions related to the project and expressed support for each of the straw polls taken on more specific aspects of the Service System Proposals. See the WSC 2012 Summary of Decisions for the text and vote counts where applicable. 

With the passage of those resolutions and the approval of the Service System Project Plan for the 2012-2014 conference cycle, we are looking ahead to developing a transition plan for consideration at the next World Service Conference. In order to get there, we have two main focuses this cycle: field testing and further discussing some of the ideas in the Service System Proposals that need clarification. For more information on field testing, see the Field Testing Frame section below. For more information on discussions slated for this cycle see the “Ongoing Discussions Related to the Service System Proposals” document in the Related Materials section. 

All of the information published by World Services about this project is available from links on this page, or one of the archive pages listed below. As always, we continue to welcome your ideas about how to improve our service delivery. If you have questions that are not answered by the material here, please write to us and let us know:

Background Information

Service System Proposals:

The third draft report posted below is the most recent version of Service System Proposals.  It was included as an addendum to the 2012 Conference Agenda Report. We hope to have more simplified information about the proposals released this conference cycle.

Workshop Material

Related Materials

Field Testing Frame

The document below explains the field test in detail.  We are also including two different introductions to the document, one to regions that are talking about reunifying or sharing services, and another to communities that were asked to become part of a "core group" of field testers.

Field Testing Tools

These tools have been created for the Service System field test.  They are dated because they will be revised as we receive input about them.  Please let us know what you think!

 Archive Pages



News for the Public

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