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Traditions Book Project


Project Background

After a two-year conference cycle devoted to gathering ideas about what the Fellowship expected from a Traditions book, the 2014 World Service Conference adopted a project plan for 2014–2016 that includes the creation of a workgroup, actual drafting of the material, Fellowship review and input, and ultimately publishing an approval draft. 

The process of gathering front-end input—members' ideas and experience with the Traditions to be used for drafting the chapters—concluded on 31 March 2015. Our sole focus now is conducting Fellowship review and input (R&I) on the draft materials. There are three designated Fellowship R&I periods:

Intro and Tradition One 
90-day R&I Completed
Traditions Two through Six

90-day R&I Completed

Traditions Seven through Ten

90-day R&I Completed

Traditions Eleven, Twelve and closing 1 July - 30 September

Current Review and Input Drafts

If you have a problem viewing the drafts, we suggest you download the draft to your desktop and then open it with Adobe Reader. Some browsers like Chrome have their PDF reader which may not read the drafts correctly.

Traditions Book Project Discussion Boards

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