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Traditions Book Project


Project Background 

WSC 2010 adopted a motion to create a project plan for a Twelve Traditions working guide, and a 2011 fellowshipwide literature survey indicated that this is an item that our members are very interested in: Over 80% of respondents said this was an item that was needed or very much needed. Comments in the literature survey showed a wide variety of expectations about this topic. Some wanted something that could be applied personally, some wanted questions to be asked in a style similar to The NA Step Working Guides, some wanted to better understand the application to groups and service, etc. At the 2012 World Service Conference, we offered a plan for a two-cycle project, so that we could have more of a dialogue with the fellowship about the focus and approach of a Twelve Traditions working guide before any drafting begins. The creation of a workgroup, actual drafting of the book, sending the material out for review, and ultimately publishing an approval draft would happen in the 2014-2016 cycle, pending approval at the 2014 conference.

Goals for 2012–2014 Conference Cycle

Our goal for this cycle is to gather fellowship input, source material, and ideas regarding a Traditions book both online and through face-to-face workshops. The resources listed below will help in those efforts. By the end of the cycle, we would like to frame viable options for the book so that we can move forward with writing it in the 2014–2016 conference cycle.

In order to provide the workgroup with plenty of input and source material, we are encouraging the Fellowship to workshop a “Tradition a month in 2014.” This isn’t meant to limit your creativity—if your group or service committee has already been holding workshops, keep it up! But if you’re not sure where to start, our suggestion is to have a brief workshop on Tradition One sometime in January using either the 90-minute or 20-minute workshop materials below, and then continue on, all the way through Tradition Twelve in December. Help us create the best piece of literature possible!

Traditions Book Project Discussion Boards

Standard 90-Minute Input Gathering Workshop
Workshop Facilitator Tools and Handouts

Group 20-Minute Workshop Tool
Workshop Facilitator Tools and Handouts

Online Input for Traditions Mini Workshops
Tradition One Tradition Two
Tradition Three Tradition Four
Tradition Five Tradition Six
Tradition Seven Tradition Eight
Tradition Nine Tradition Ten
Tradition Eleven Tradition Twelve

Tools in other languages
The resources below are local translations of our project materials that have been created by local members from various language communities. We have not verified the quality or accuracy of the translations, but we encourage you use or adapt these translated materials as needed in your community.


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