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World Convention

The Gift Is Freedom

O Presente é a Liberdade

11-14 June 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

em Português

Narcotics Anonymous is a bridge to life, and a path we can walk throughout our lives. The gift is freedom. Each level of freedom we experience opens us to greater freedom beyond, just as each level of awareness allows us to recognize how much we do not yet see. Although we may live very differently from one another, we share the same journey. We are so grateful to have found recovery, to be living clean, and to know, wherever we are in our travels—the journey continues. 

Living Clean, Chapter One                             

The theme of WCNA 36, “The Gift is Freedom,” is a quote from the opening chapter of Living Clean: The Journey Continues. In our recovery journey, we find freedom and we rejoice in its gifts. We are free to pursue our dreams and bring them to fruition. We hope to celebrate this freedom with many of you in Rio de Janeiro!

We understand that many of you are planning to attend WCNA 36 and are waiting for more information to help you with those plans. We have not yet been able to finalize all of the details, but we want to provide you with the information we have now even though it is not complete. 

The primary location of WCNA 36 will be the Rio Centro Convention Center, located approximately 30 km southeast of Rio de Janeiro. In an effort to secure hotel properties near the beach many of the hotels will be in an area called Barra da Tijuca. One very important thing to note is that (particularly if you are planning a vacation in Rio immediately before or after the event) although it is not a great distance, the trip between central Rio and Barra is not normally commutable, in fixed timeframes, because of traffic. Without making that unpredictable commute, you will find beautiful beaches adjacent to the majority of the hotels in Barra, just as there are in other portions of Rio. We will also be arranging for pre- and post-convention trips in Rio and in other areas of Brazil for those who want to explore more of this extraordinary country. We are still in the process of finalizing hotel and convention center details. We believe we will be able to open convention registration and hotel room blocks sometime soon.

Members traveling from several countries will need a visa to enter Brazil. US passport holders must have a passport that is valid through the end of 2015, prior to applying for a tourist visa. As we understand it the Brazilian Embassies do not accommodate mail in Visa requests. So it will be necessary to use a visa processing ervice or walk in embassy service to process a tourist visa. Once we open registration, we will try to provide more information about where to go or services to use to process visa requests. For a complete list of countries requiring visas and their requirements please visit:

If you or someone you know speaks English and is interested in being considered to speak at a workshop or main meeting at WCNA 36, please complete the online information form Clean time requirements are five years for workshop speakers and ten years for main speakers.

We are also asking for English speaking volunteers with at least five years clean to help by listening to and evaluating potential convention speakers over the next few months (Nov 2014-Mar 2015). If you are interested in serving as a speaker evaluator, please complete the online information formbefore 31 December 2014.

Note about form: If you are using the Chrome browser, please make sure that you either have Adobe Reader as your PDF reader or download the form onto your hard drive and open it there.


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