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1.Service Pamphlets
Service Pamphlets Service pamphlets (SPs) are intended for use as a resource for groups and service bodies. The World Board was directed by a motion at WSC 2006 to develop service related pamphlets f...
2.NA World Services News
Welcome to the online home of the NA World Services News. You will find all issues of the news since the last meeting of the World Service Conference. The News is translated into French, German, Portugues...
3.The NA Way Magazine Current Issue
The NA Way Home Page The NA Way Archives Subscribe to The NA Way Submission Guidelines Suggested Topics Author Release Form January 2017 English French German Spanish Portu...
We post our catalog and order forms as PDF's. 2017 NAWS Product Catalog February 2017 Product News Flash Product Updates November 2016June 2016November 2015 September 2015 November 2014 June 2014 ...
5.World Service Conference
(This page will be updated periodically as more information becomes available.) Post WSC 2016 Projects Daily Meditation Book Project Mental Health/Mental Illness IP Project Local Service To...
6.Recovery Literature in Ukrainian
Література одужання (Recovery Literature) Інформаційні буклети Хто, що, як та чому? IP#1 - Who What...
7.Filipino Recovery Literature
IPs Sino, Ano, Paano at Bakit IP #1, Who, What, How & Why Iba Pang Pananaw IP #5, Another Look Paggaling ar Relapse IP #6, Recovery and Relapse Adik ba ako? IP #7, Am I an addict...
8.Recovery Literature in Hebrew
IP #1, Who, What, How, & Why IP# 2, The Group IP #7, Am I an Addict? IP# 9, Living the Program IP #11, Sponsorship IP# 12, The Triangle of Self-Obession IP# 13, By Youn...
WHAT’S HAPPENING IN NA WORLD SERVICES THAT YOU MAY WANT TO KNOW... Almost 40,000 copies of the Traditions book, Guiding Principles: The Spirit of our Traditions have been distributed. A hand-numbered...
10.Fasihi Inayoleta Ahueni
Recovery Literature in SwahiliNani, nini, jinsi gani, na kwa niniIP #1, Who, What, How, and WhyJe mimi ni mraibu?IP #7, Am I an Addict?Kwa Leo TuIP#8, Just for TodayKwa mgeni IP #16, For the NewcomerKaribu kwen...

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News for our Members

Service System: If you are from a region or area that is trying some of the ideas from the Service System Project, or you are discussing how they might work and you want to try lifting some of the ideas off of the drawing board with us, we encourage you to contact world services if you haven’t already done so. For more information on this project see the service system page.

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