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2020-2023 Issue Discussion Topics

The Issue Discussion Topics for the 2020-2023 Conference Cycle are: IP #21, The Loner—Staying Clean in Isolation Possible Revisions and DRT/MAT as It Relates to NA—What do we want to say in a piece of NA recovery literature?. Both of these IDTs are connected to surveys. The survey links are at the bottom of the materials list. Please use the online survey as it helps us to collect your input.


IP #21, The Loner—Staying Clean in Isolation Possible Revisions 


Session Profiles: PDFDOCSession NotesPowerPoint Presentation

IP #21, The Loner, Staying Clean in Isolation survey: English (English PDF version) | French | Italian | Polish | Russian | Spanish


DRT/MAT as It Relates to NA
What do we want to say in a piece of NA recovery literature?


Session Profiles: PDFDOCSession Notes | PowerPoint Presentation


Session Notes

DRT/MAT Survey: English (English PDF version) | French | Hebrew Hebrew PDF version) | Italian | Polish | Russian | Spanish(Spanish PDF version)

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