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World Pool Information Form

World Pool Membership

NA members must complete and submit a World Pool Information Form to the Human Resource Panel to enter the World Pool. In an effort to maintain the most accurate information, pool members will be required to update their World Pool information a minimum of once in a three (3)-year period. Members who have not updated their World Pool information within that time period will be contacted and asked to confirm the accuracy of their World Pool information. Any World Pool member who does not respond to this request within sixty (60) days will be removed from the World Pool. Anyone who has been removed from the World Pool may resubmit their information at any time.

World Pool Member Qualifications

Having the required cleantime and submitting a completed World Pool Information Form are the most basic requirements for becoming a member of the World Pool. However, it is important to note that the NA Fellowship has long considered it a high priority that members of the World Pool possess the skills, talents, and experience necessary to most likely successfully complete world-level positions and assignments. With this high priority in mind, following are recommendations that may be helpful when considering entering the World Pool. NA members who wish to be considered a potential candidate by the Human Resource Panel for an NA world service trusted servant position should first thoroughly review the above list and the applicable duties and qualifications listed in this guide as a form of self-evaluation. It is also recommended that members discuss their desire with members of the NA committee where they most recently served, in an attempt to further evaluate their interest in entering the World Pool. NA members considering becoming a potential candidate for World Board projects, workgroups, or other NAWS assignments may find it more challenging to self-evaluate, since each assignment may have unique duties and qualifications.

NAWS Web Meetings

Membership in the World Pool is not a requirement for participation in NAWS web meetings. All interested NA members are welcome. We encourage members interested in NAWS web meetings to review those details posted at

If you have five or more years clean, and service experience or skills that could contribute to World Services, we invite you to become a member of the World Pool. It is easy to do, simply complete the World Pool Information Form and submit it to us. 

It is important to complete or update a WPIF every three years so that we have the most accurate and up-to-date information. Please note that World Pool members who do not update their information with us at least once every three years will be removed from consideration. 

Choose one of the options below and you will be taken to a page with some very brief instructions:

Or you can download the WPIF in PDF format, complete it and send it to us

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