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WSC Positions - Human Resource Panel

Accountability and Cooperation Statement
The Human Resource Panel is accountable to the World Service Conference. When the World Service Conference is not in session, the World Board oversees all activities of NA World Services. The Human Resource Panel strives to support a cooperative working relationship with the World Board. 

Purpose of the Human Resource Panel
The purpose of the Human Resource Panel is to identify NA members whose skills, talents, and experience support their ability to be most qualified as NA world service trusted servants. The panel is responsible for forwarding to the World Service Conference a list of those most qualified candidates (nominees) for consideration and selection by the WSC. The Human Resource Panel also administers the World Pool, a resource for identifying potential candidates for NA world service trusted servant positions, and World Board projects, workgroups, or other NAWS assignments. 

General Duties
The duties of the Human Resource Panel are to develop, maintain, and implement a nominations process that results in the identification of the most qualified candidates for consideration for service by the World Service Conference. In support of this, the Human Resource Panel will cooperate with all of NA World Services to maintain current descriptions of the skills, talents, and experience necessary to successfully fulfill the tasks of WSC elected positions. 

The Human Resource Panel utilizes various NAWS publications to communicate with NA members worldwide in an effort to keep members up to date on the panel’s activity and any pending nominations process deadlines. The panel welcomes input from all interested members on any aspect of their work. As a part of the nominations process the Human Resource Panel will: 

  • Screen information of eligible members of the World Pool to identify those most qualified to be considered for election to NA world service trusted servant positions. 
  • Inform qualified members of the World Pool and service bodies who can forward names for consideration to the Human Resource Panel (NA regions, NA zones, and the World Board) of the current descriptions of the skills, talents, and experience necessary to successfully fulfill the positions of World Board member, WSC Cofacilitator, and Human Resource Panel member. 
  • Interview all potential candidates who meet the cleantime requirement for each position and are forwarded for consideration by NA regions, NA zones, or the World Board, independent from and after any other initial screening process. 
  • Provide the World Service Conference with a list of nominees best qualified for election to the World Board, WSC Cofacilitator, and Human Resource Panel. These lists, for the purposes of election at the World Service Conference, will not be governed by any minimum candidate-to-open position ratio; the maximum ratio should be limited to no more than two (2) candidates to each open position. 
  • Facilitate the Elections Session of the World Service Conference. 
  • Be available throughout the meeting of the World Service Conference to answer participants’ questions about the nominations process, without violating the confidentiality of World Pool members, potential candidates, nominees, or their references.

Membership and Participation
The Human Resource Panel will consist of up to four members elected by majority vote of the World Service Conference. While elected at the World Service Conference, panel members are not conference participants and do not have the ability to participate at the World Service Conference beyond their defined role. Human Resource Panel members are often invited to participate in discussion or presentation sessions at the World Service Conference. 

Membership Qualifications
In addition to the qualities expressed in Concept Four such as humility, integrity, trustworthiness, and strong commitment to open communication, following are qualifications for nomination and election to the Human Resource Panel: 

  • Ability to protect confidential information held in the World Pool and revealed during the Human Resource Panel nominations process. 
  • History of both completing work independently and working well within a group. 
  • Familiarity with the Narcotics Anonymous service structure. 
  • Organizational and communication skills. 
  • Ability to donate sufficient time to attend meetings and to fulfill the additional commitments of Human Resource Panel membership. 
  • A working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, Traditions, and Concepts. 

Cleantime Requirement
All Human Resource Panel members must have a minimum of eight (8) years clean. 

The term of office for the Human Resource Panel member will be two (2) conference cycles. Panel members cannot serve two consecutive terms. The Human Resource Panel cannot nominate an outgoing Human Resource Panel member to any NA World Service trusted servant position. Once off the panel, former members are eligible for nomination consideration. 

Excerpt from A Guide to World Services in NA

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