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WSC Positions - Cofacilitators

The WSC Cofacilitators are two (2) individuals elected by a simple majority of the World Service Conference. The purpose of the WSC Cofacilitators is to preside over the business meeting of the World Service Conference. WSC Cofacilitators must have a minimum of eight (8) years cleantime. The term is two (2) conference cycles. WSC Cofacilitators may not serve two full consecutive terms. WSC Cofacilitators are accountable to the World Service Conference. 

The duties of the WSC Cofacilitators are to: 

  • Preside over the business meeting of the World Service Conference. 
  • Communicate with the World Board as necessary in order to be prepared for the conference meeting. 

The qualifications for the WSC Cofacilitators are: 

  • A demonstrated ability to preside over business meetings. 
  • A working knowledge of WSC conference policies and procedures. 
  • A working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order and general parliamentary procedure. 
  • Demonstrated organizational skills. 
  • Holding no other World Services positions or responsibilities at the time of assuming the Cofacilitator’s duties. 
  • A working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, Traditions, and Concepts of Narcotics Anonymous.

Note: This material was excerpted from the Guide To World Services

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