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The "RBZ" Process

The RBZ (regions, World Board, zones) recommendation process provides regions, the World Board, and zones a system for identifying and forwarding potential candidates for World Service positions to the Human Resource Panel. This is separate from and after the HRP’s initial screening process. 

It is important to note that an RBZ recommendation is not a nomination. The RBZ process foregoes the HRP’s initial screening and ensures that the RBZ candidate will receive an HRP interview. 

Four phases of the RBZ Process are: 

  • Regions, the World Board and zones (RBZs) are sent an announcement from the HRP, explaining the opportunity to forward names of potential candidates for world service level trusted servants.  
  • Those individuals whose names are forwarded by the regions, World Board and zones are notified and asked to submit or update their World Pool Information.  
  • As a part of their interview process, the HRP interviews each RBZ candidate and conducts reference checks.  
  • As a part of the HRP’s final nomination process, RBZs are included for consideration for nomination at the World Service Conference. 

Deadline for RBZ submission for WSC 2023 is 30 September 2022

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