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WSC of the Future Project

The 2018 World Service Conference approved the WSC of the Future project. The project’s three main goals are: 

  • Develop a shared understanding of what is meant by an effective and sustainable WSC.
  • Forward ideas to the Board for a project plan for presentation at WSC 2020 on the role of zones, their relationship to the wider Fellowship, including integrating zonal delegate participation into the decision making process at WSC.
  • Strengthen collaboration among zonal forums and between NAWS and zonal forums, and collect and share best practices of zonal forums.

The workgroup was comprised of a participant selected by each of the 15 zonal forums and one from Iran. Reports pertaining to the workgroup can be found in NAWS News

Some of the results of the project include: 

  • the Virtual Meeting of Zones, which is planned to take place three times a year
  • input to the Role of Zones Project Plan, which will be included in the 2020 Conference Approval Track material
  • a new zonal report form, which will result in a Zonal Snapshots tool that gives a picture of each zone
  • ongoing discussions on what is an effective and sustainable WSC and whether the Mission Statement needs to be looked at with fresh eyes
  • the Zonal Self-assessment Workshop, which is posted here: workshop outlinePowerPointhandout

Previous Cycles’ Projects 

Planning Our Future was the name of the 2014–2016 project created to “to continue to evolve the ideas about the future of the WSC generated at WSC 2014.” The following cycle, 2016–2018, the Future of the WSC Project was created to discuss the effectiveness and sustainability of the Conference, and the size and shape of the WSC. 

At the 2014 & 2016 WSCs, participants had a series of sessions in breakout rooms about the future of the WSC and how to best meet the needs of NA in an ever-growing Fellowship. In each of these rooms, much of the discussion highlighted the possibility that the way forward rests, in part, with our use of zones. 

The hope was that the conversations would help the Conference come to agreement about a vision for itself that would serve our collective needs as a Fellowship, use its fair share of Fellowship resources, and allow for effective discussions and decision making. The resources below were offered as ideas and tools to further those conversations.

October 2017 Future of the WSC 3 report

May 2017 Future of the WSC reportSpanish

February 2017 Future of the WSC report

Web Meetings for Conference Participants on the February 2017 Future Report

  • March 2017 Web Meeting

  • April 2017 Web Meeting

Updated WSC 2016 Planning Our Future Resources 

Pre-WSC 2016: Planning our Future Resources

Downloadable version: mp4 | mov

WSC 2014



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