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These links will take you to the full site version of bulletins and PDFs for the FIPT.

Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust, Revised (FIPT)

September 2014 Bulletin about NA Copyrights and Literature

Complete FIPT

#1-Internal Use of NA Intellectual Poperty (PDF)

#2-Individual NA Member use of NA Trademarks

#3-Use of NA Trademarks by Commerical Vendors
   Vendor Application Form (PDF)

#4-Reprinting of NA Fellowship approved literature

#5-Internal conflict resolution policy

Readers Notes


H&I Service Bulletins

#2-Who is best suited to carry the message in an H&I setting?

#3-H&I meetings in methadone clinics

#5-Men working with men, women working with women

#6-Carrying the message into adolescent facilities

NA World Services Bulletins | En EspaƱol

#21 R-The generation of funds (fundraising) and the Seventh Tradition in NA (PDF)

#22 R-Direct Contributions

#30 R-Theft of NA funds

#31 N-Meeting attendance cards

#32 R-USA banking, EIN, and tax liability information

#33 N-USA Liability Insurance Bulletin (PDF format)

WS Board of Trustee Bulletins

#13-Some thoughts regarding our relationship to Alcoholics Anonymous

#15-Open and closed NA Meetings

#17-What is Addiction?

#18-Special interest meetings

#19-Gender-specific language and the use of the word "God" in NA literature

#20-Freedom from Prejudice, Part I and II

#23-Participation and decision making at the World Service Conference

#25-Public relations and the traditions

#27-HIV and AIDS in NA

#28-Freedom from prejudice

#29-Regarding Methadone and Other Drug Replacement Programs

News for the Public

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Information About NA

Resources for Professionals

Am I an Addict?

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