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CAR/CAT Workshops Hosted by Regions and Zones

These workshops are hosted by regions and zones and will have World Board participation. We will add to this list as more workshops are scheduled.

Date Host Time Log in
19-22 January 2023 WSZF TBD

20-21 January 2023

6pm on the 20th and 10 am on the 21st (Eastern)

MARLCNA 6 pm on the 20th and 10 am on the 21st (Eastern)
28 January 2023 SZF

9 am Central

Meeting-ID: 874 6624 4698
Passcode: 121212
28-29 January 2023 Autonomy Zone 10 am - 5 pm on the 28th
10 am - 2 pm on the 29th

Meeting ID: 825 4538 1039

3-5 February 2023

US Zonal Workshop TBD
3-4 February 2023 Plains States Zonal 9 am - 10 pm CST on the 3rd
9 am - 9:15 pm CST on the 4th
8:30 am CST on the 5th

Meeting-ID: 849 2824 9670

11 February 2023 Minnesota Region 9 am-11:30 Pacific
17-18 February 2023 Midwest Zonal Forum Fri 3 PM pacific CAT

Saturday 7am-2pm CAR

18 February 2023 Colorado 9 am - 1 pm Pacific

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