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World Service Conference

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WSC 2022 PowerPoints and Videos

Spiritual Principle a Day Approval Draft (January 2022)

Corrected 29 May Entry

Corrected SPAD Table of Principles

To order a print copy online, please use "9146"or "SPAD" in search bar in web shops

WSC of the Future Survey

Introduction to Survey: English | Spanish

Survey Outline: English (WordPDF)

Portuguese (WordPDF) | Spanish (WordPDF)

Survey: English | Portuguese | Spanish

September 2021 letter to regions and zones | Spanish

August 2021 CP ePoll Results | SpanishPortuguese

August 2021 WB recommendations regarding WSC 2022 | Spanish | Portuguese

WB recommendations regarding WSC 2022 July 2021Portuguese | Spanish

Web Meeting Participant Orientation

Important dates and deadlines

WSC 2020 Material

Conference Participant Quick Start Guide updated 22 February 2021

Service Center Updates

A Guide to World Services in Narcotics Anonymous - 2020-2023 Version

GWS in Spanish (2018-2020 Version)


Delegates Sharing with Delegates



World Service Participation Request Form 

Narcotics Anonymous World Services ("NAWS") provides literature, service materials, bulletins and various other tools for NA members, NA groups, and NA service committees as resources in their NA service delivery efforts. Our production and distribution of these materials is not intended to imply that NAWS is in a position of authority over any of those who use these materials. NAWS does not have any centralized control over any NA members, NA groups, or other NA service committees.

All service materials produced by NAWS are offered as a reference resource, and their application is at the sole discretion of the user. They should not be considered directives or mandates from NAWS, and may be adapted or applied as the user sees fit. Additionally, NAWS takes no responsibility in any issues of liability that may result from the application of these materials.

News for the Public

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PSA about Narcotics Anonymous

Information About NA

Resources for Professionals

Am I an Addict?

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