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Important Dates and Deadlines

Below are some of the project deadlines and important dates. The list will be updated periodically. Please check back frequently.

Webinars for Conference Participants only

  • WB Webinar - 9 September 2017 - 10 am Pacific

Regional motion deadline

Motions must be received by 1 August and be in CAR-ready form by 30 August 2017. Regions are encouraged to send their motions as early as possible. (For more information see page 17 of the GWSNA) .

HRP Deadlines

  • Deadline for WPIF submission to be considered
    for WSC 2018 HRP nomination - 31 August 2017
  • Deadline for region, zone, and World Board
    candidate submissions to the HRP - 31 October 2017

World Board Meetings

  • 4-7 October 2017
  • 6-9 December 2017
  • 21-24 February 2018
  • 27-30 June 2018
  • 28 November-1 December 2018

29 April-5 May 2018, World Service Conference

30 August-2 September 2018, World Convention

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