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Contribute to NA World Services

"The money that reaches our service system helps support services that let other addicts, in our own communities and around the world, know that hope is available."
(IP #24, Money Matters: Self Support in NA) 

Thank you for supporting Narcotics Anonymous.  

Thank you for your interest in supporting the efforts of NA World Services with a financial contribution. Our Seventh Tradition directs us to practice self-support, and to decline outside contributions. Therefore, we only accept contributions from members of Narcotics Anonymous.

Click here to contributeOnce you have signed in, our secure contributions portal will allow you to update your personal information, view of the contributions you’ve made in the past, and contribute for yourself, another member, a group, or a service body.

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Members can also contribute by check or money order, sent to this address:
NA World Services
PO Box 9999
Van Nuys, CA 91409

Wire transfers can be processed with help from Debbie or Rochelle at (818) 773-9999 or Contact them if you have any questions about making a contribution or about designating a contribution to NAWS in your estate plan.

Please remember the Seventh Tradition which reminds us that we cannot accept any contributions from outside the fellowship.

If you subscribe to NA publications or have attended the World Convention of NA, please use your already-established login and password. Click on “ Forgot your login or password?” if you need help. To create a new profile, click on “ sign up.” If you’re not sure whether or not you’re in the system, please try to recover your login and password first .

"We care and we share with others the NA Way"

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