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H&I in Methadone Clinics

H&I Service Bulletin #3



Many times over the course of a year a member(s) will contact the WSC H&I Committee regarding an H&I meeting/presentation in a methadone clinic. The purpose of an H&I panel is to carry the Narcotics Anonymous message of recovery to addicts who are not able to attend regularly scheduled NA meetings. Addicts who have access to regularly scheduled NA meetings do not require the services of H&I. If the needs of the facility do not fall within the scope of H&I some of the services that can be provided are NA phoneline information, meeting lists, and WSO literature order forms.

If it is determined that an H&I meeting/presentation is needed, initial meetings with the facility must be very clear about what our message is. NA is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs. We do not have an opinion about methods used in a treatment facility, nor do we endorse the use of any mind or mood altering drugs. When the subject of methadone comes up, it is important not to judge. Based on our Eighth and Tenth Traditions, we are not in a position to do so. We can only tell them they are welcome at any NA meeting, read NA literature, and keep coming back.

Our Eighth Tradition tells us that we are not physicians, psychiatrists, or therapists. We are recovering addicts. The principles underlying the Eighth Tradition are eminently practical ones: Prudence, anonymity, and integrity.

The Tenth Tradition states that, "We have no opinion on outside issues..." Our primary purpose, as a member of H&I, is to share our experience, strength, and hope with addicts in an H&I setting. Aside from that, we have no opinion whatsoever. By refusing to take sides on other issues, we avoid becoming embroiled in controversies that could detract us from our primary purpose.

Our program approaches recovery from addiction through abstinence, cautioning against substituting one drug from another. That’s our program. That’s what we have to offer the addict that still suffers. However, we have absolutely no opinion on methadone maintenance, or anyother program aimed at treating addiction. Our only purpose in addressing drug replacement, and it’s use by our members is to define abstinence for our selves.


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