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H&I Do's & Dont's



Do  Make directories of outside meetings available to residents.

Do  Clarify the rules with whomever you bring into the facility.

Do  Start and end on time!

Do  Emphasize that NA recovery is available to all addicts regardless of drug(s) used.

Do  Clearly state that Narcotics Anonymous is separate from the facility and from other fellowships.

Do  Involve residents with the meeting, especially those in long term facilities (readings, etc.).

Do  Obey the dress code, exercise common sense.

Do  Screen all panel members, speakers, and chairperson(s).

Do  Attempt to get all agreements in writing.

Do  Adhere to the security regulations at all times.

Do  Ensure that a clear NA message of recovery is carried by all panel members.



Don?t   Attend H&I facilities alone.

Don?t   Emphasize using days while sharing an NA message of recovery.

Don?t   Give anyone within the facility your address or telephone number.

Don't   Use excessive profanity

Don't   Break another person's anonymity.

Don't   Debate any issues involving facility rules, regulations, programs, or other fellowships.

Don't   Get involved in discussions on outside issues, remember why we are there.

Don't   Discuss conditions within the facility.

Don?t   Discuss facility staff members with inmate(s).

Don't   Wear flashy jewelry and don?t carry excessive cash.

Don't   Show favoritism to any resident(s).

Don't   Take messages or carry letters in or out of the facility.

Don't   Bring an NA member who has friends and/or family in the facility.

Don't   Ask what type of crime an inmate has been convicted of, or discuss guilt or innocence.

Don't   Accept money or gifts from, or give money or gifts to any inmate.


Additional Resources
For more detailed information, refer to the Hospitals & Instutions Handbook. More information may also be obtained from neighboring H&I committees. NA World Services may help in contacting others close to you with H&I experience. Sharing our experience, strength, and hope in this area of service can greatly enhance the ties that bind us together.

We recognize that there are legal restrictions in many countries prohibiting the congregation of addicts. Please contact NA World Services for additional information before moving forward with H&I efforts in areas where these restrictions exist.


NA World Services
PO Box 9999 Van Nuys, CA  91409 USA
Tel. (818) 773-9999
- Fax (818) 700-0700


NA World Services - Europe
PO Box 2652  B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. 32/2/646-6012 - Fax 32/2/649-9239

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