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A New Book in the Making

We’re compiling a new book! The 2018 World Service Conference approved a project plan for a book that explores a spiritual principle on each day of the year. According to a 2017 survey, members want…

  • to hear the voices of fellow members,
  • to learn how others apply principles in their daily lives, and
  • to read about how living by spiritual principles shapes our experience.

Like  Just for Today, these daily meditations will start with a short excerpt from NA literature, a couple of paragraphs that expand on the quotation, and a sentence or two to reflect on. Beyond that, we need to generate material that reflects our shared experience. The more material we gather on each principle, the better the book will be. With that in mind, we’ve created some tools to support a Fellowship-wide writing effort.

Workshop Materials: 
PowerPointSession ProfileWriting TemplateTranslated materials

Principles & quotations to work on through June 2019:
Forgiveness | Kindness | Perseverance | Practicality
Respect | Responsibility | Service | Simplicity | Understanding
Quotations on ALL 9 spiritual principles for this round

Write & submit online through June 2019:
Forgiveness | Kindness | Perseverance | Practicality
Respect | Responsibility | Service | Simplicity | Understanding

We’ll be soliciting material with rolling deadlines on various spiritual principles over the next three years. This page will be updated regularly to reflect our current focus. Our hope is that interested members—on their own or in groups—will workshop the “current” spiritual principles and send in the writing they collect. Consider planning regular get-togethers with your friends, sponsees, or home group members to contribute to this effort or working through your local service body to form a project-based workgroup or ad hoc committee. As we produce drafts based on your words and ideas, we’ll ask the Fellowship to review the work and offer additional input. All of this is a long way of saying: We need you! Thanks in advance for pitching in. 

Please send the advance material you write or collect to
or 19737 Nordhoff Place, Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA 
Click here for more about submitting workshop material 

To help get the word out, consider printing up some  half-sheet flyers for your group or service body

Do you have a favorite quotation from NA literature on a spiritual principle? 
Click here to offer your suggestions! 

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