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A New Book in the Making

Thanks to our collective efforts, a book that explores a spiritual principle each day of the year is taking shape. As you may recall, the 2018 World Service Conference initiated this work by approving a project plan for work over two Conference cycles. Since then, we’ve been busily engaged in creating a book that’s truly by addicts, for addicts.

With direction and oversight from the World Board, the Spiritual Principle A Day work group has…
  • processed writing from members from around the world 
  • developed 227 entries by weaving together members’ writing 
  • distributed f batches of “Review & Input”
We anticipate publishing an approval draft for the book in the 2022 Conference Agenda Report.

Materials for Review and Input Batch #4, due by 31 January 2021

All Batch #4 drafts for your review pdf 
All input forms on Batch #4

Drafts for your review | e-forms for your input
Cover memo with important instructions & background
Anonymity (8 entries) |  e-form
Discernment (5 entries) |  e-form
Empathy (6 entries) |  e-form
Faith (7 entries) |  e-form
Gratitude (5 entries) |  e-form
Honesty (8 entries) |  e-form
Hope (11 entries) | e-form
Open-mindedness (8 entries) |  e-form
Vigilance (5 entries) |  e-form
Willingness (12 entries) |  e-form

Be a part of creating NA literature—Send us your writing!

Click on the individual principles listed below to write online using any connected device or download the PDF that lists all of the quotations for this round if you’re hosting a workshop of any size.

Principles & quotations to work on through 31 December 2020:
autonomyconscience |  fidelityindividuality
Quotations on ALL 9 principles for this round

Writing Workshop Materials:
PowerPoint | Session Profile | Writing Template | Translated materials

Review & Input Workshop Materials:
5 entries on GRATITUDE (drafts from R&I Batch #4) |  PowerPointInput Form

Please use electronic forms if possible. If not, please send your writing or input to
or 19737 Nordhoff Place, Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA
Click here for more about submitting workshop material

To help get the word out about the Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project, 
consider printing up some flyers for your group or service body.

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