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A New Book in the Making

Thanks to our collective efforts, a book that explores a spiritual principle each day of the year is taking shape. As you may recall, the 2018 World Service Conference initiated this work by approving a project plan for work over two Conference cycles. Since then, we’ve been busily engaged in creating a book that’s truly by addicts, for addicts. We anticipate publishing an approval draft for the book in the 2022 Conference Agenda Report.

We need your feedback!

Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to read and respond to
any or all of this sixth and final batch of drafts by 13 September 2021

Review and Input (R&I) Batch #6 cover letter with important instructions

Drafts for your review I Electronic forms for your input

Curiosity (1), encouragement (2), equality (1), equanimity (1), fidelity (2), & generosity (5): e-form
Honesty (1), honor(1), humility(1), independence (4), & individuality (3): e-form
Interdependence (4), joy (2), listening (3), & participation (1): e-form
Passion (2), powerlessness (3), reliability (3), restraint (1), & safety (1): e-form
Selflessness (3), serenity (2), simplicity (1), sincerity (1), & solidarity(3): e-form
Steadfastness (1), thoughtfulness (3), trust (6), & wonder (1): e-form
Purpose (7): e-form
Attentiveness (2), autonomy (5), breakfast (1), and caring (2) e-form
Communication (1), conscience (4), consistency (3), and cooperation (2) e-form

All Batch #6 drafts in one PDF & en español (Gracias, LAZF!)
PDF of all input forms for Batch #6

Listen to recordings of three draft entries from R&I Batch #4, as well as two drafts from R&I Batch #5 on
our Instagram @narcoticsanonymous or here on our media page. 


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