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Meeting Format Codes

CPT 12 Concepts
BT Basic Text
BEG Beginner/Newcomer
CAN Candlelight
CH Closed on Holidays
CW Children Welcome
DISC Discussion/Participation
GP Guiding Principles Study
HYBR Hybrid - Meets Online & In-person
IP IP Study
IW It Works Study
JFT Just For Today Study
LIT Literature Study
LC Living Clean
M Men
MED Meditation
NC No Children
NP No Pets/Animals allowed
NS Non-Smoking
QA Questions & Answers
RA Restricted Access
S-D Speaker/Discussion
S-T Step/Tradition
SMOK Smoking
SPK Speaker
SWG Step Working Guide Study
T-D Topic/Discussion
TC Venue Temporarily Closed
TOP Topic
TRAD Tradition
VAR Format Varies
VM Virtual Meeting
W Women
Y Young People

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