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Welcome to Reaching Out


We are happy to announce that once again Area Service Committees can subscribe to receive Reaching Out here.


Welcome to Reaching Out!  Whether you are an NA member, a professional who works with recovering addicts, an incarcerated member or a member who provides Hospital and Institution service, this NA World Services newsletter may be a resource for you. Reaching Out in its design helps incarcerated addicts connect to the NA program of recovery, enhances H&I efforts and offers experience from members who successfully transitioned from the ‘inside’ to be productive members of society. The section “From the Inside” is filled with letters and artwork from incarcerated addicts who share their experience, strength and hope as they find and maintain recovery from addiction through NA. “From the Outside” section features stories from members who are living drug free in the community and have previously been incarcerated. Often, there is artwork from members on the ‘outside’. Additionally, this section offers experience from H&I members who value and are deeply committed to carrying the NA message of recovery to addicts who are unable to attend regular NA community meetings. These letters are inspirational for many as they offer hope for a new way to live and they provide evidence of the efficacy of the NA program for any reader.

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Older issues can be found in the Reaching Out Archives.


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