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NAWS News and emails

Welcome to the online home of the NA World Services News. You will find all issues of the news since the last meeting of the World Service Conference. The News is translated into French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. As the translated issues become available, they are posted on our site.


September 2023

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View the NAWS News September 2023 slides for use in meetings and social media

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Previous years' issues can be found in the NAWS News Archives.

NAWS Update emails

NAWS Update emails contain announcements and news from World Services. 
They are sent periodically to all NAWS News and Just for Today subscribers. 

Date English Spanish Portuguese
13 November 2020 Link Link
30 November 2020 Link Link
25 February 2021 Link Link Link
08 March 2021 Link Link Link
26 March 2021  Link Link
12 May 2021 Link Link
25 June 2021 Link Link
2 July 2021 Link Link
27 August 2021 Link Link
20 September 2021 Link Link Link
22 September 2021 Link Link
10 October 2021 Link Link
25 October 2021 Link Link Link
12 November 2021 Link Link
23 November 2021 Link Link
10 December 2021 Link Link
20 December 2021 Link Link
18 February 2022 Link Link
18 March 2022 Link Link
20 April 2022 Link Link
9 May 2022 Link Link
1 July 2022 Link Link
26 July 2022 Link Link
25 August 2022 Link Link
19 September 2022 Link Link
22 November 2022 Link Link Link
12 January 2023 Link Link
27 March 2023 Link Link
14 April 2023 Link Link
1 June 2023 Link Link
13 June 2023 Link Link
30 August 2023 Link Link
5 October 2023 Link Link
25 October 2023 Link Link
8 November 2023 Link Link

News for Periodicals

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