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Rural Service Resources

The challenge of carrying the NA message in a rural or isolated community can often seem overwhelming for many NA members, and represents a significant obstacle to the growth of NA in many parts of the world. This webpage offers a coordinated approach in an effort to provide support and consists of three parts: a printed piece focused on principles and best practices relevant to this area of service, quarterly web meetings (that are also accessible by phone) intended for members engaged in this type of service to support each other and share mutual challenges and solutions, and locally developed service materials and other resources.

Serving NA in Rural and Isolated Communities

This piece captures experience from NA members in different parts of the world, and offers some ideas for effectively serving NA in rural and isolated communities. It is a “living document” and will be revised as more experience and resources are shared with us.

Web Meetings

Write to to be informed about when the quarterly web meetings are scheduled and to get log-in information. We encourage you to share your ideas for topics to focus on in advance of the meetings, and to invite other interested members to attend.

Recordings and resources from previous web meetings can be found here

Locally Developed Resources

These tools are available for local groups and service bodies to adapt and use locally.

Group-to-Group Activities

Fun With Flags guidelines - Wisconsin RSC


Mobile Meeting guidelines - Eastern Area Oklahoma

Nomadic Addicts info packet - Heart of Tennessee Area
Nomadic Addicts introduction letter - Heart of Tennessee Area
Nomadic Addicts progress report - January 2019

12thStep Call volunteer form - UK RSC

Outreach Subcommittee guidelines - Australia RSC
Loner workgroup information – Egypt Region

Online Meetings

Skype meeting guidelines - Highlands and Islands UK
Updated online meeting guidelines - Highlands and Islands UK

Distance Sponsorship

Guidelines for postal sponsors - UK
Questionnaire for postal sponsors - UK

Workshop Resources

Rural Recovery Workshop session outlinescript, and worksheet - Wisconsin

Rural Recovery Workshop responses - Montana

Basic Workshops

These workshop materials have been developed by NA World Services in partnership with developing regions around the world. They address many of the “basics” of NA groups and have proven helpful in creating a stable foundation for growth. The main locally developed resources page contains a range of other workshop materials that may be of interest.

What is an NA Group - session outlinehandout, and PowerPoint
Group Trusted Servants - Roles and Responsibilities - session outline and PowerPoint
Atmosphere of Recovery - session outline and PowerPoint
Building Strong Homegroups - session outlinehandout, and PowerPoint
Tradition Seven - session outlinehandout, and PowerPoint
Sponsorship - session outlinehandout, and PowerPoint

Other Resources - general service resources in addition to those posted above, including many that have been locally developed - for recovery literature in a range of languages, including The Group Booklet, informational pamphlets, and other NA literature - for links to a wide range of NA service material, including service pamphlets that offer guidance to groups on commonly encountered challenges - service handbooks, including a section on “Area Committees in Rural Communities” on page 65 of A Guide to Local Services in NA - for meeting information (including phone- and web-based meetings) and local websites and helplines - for drafts of group support forum guidelines and local planning tools

Personal Stories

This article from the April 2010 NA Way Magazine is one of many stories of the birth of an NA community and is offered here in the hope it will inspire and encourage you. Some of the personal stories in the “Our Members Share” section of the Basic Text also tell of NA’s beginnings in different parts of the world, while others talk about the challenges members have experienced when identifying themselves as an addict in their community.

News for the Public

Contains links to items of interest to the general public and professionals about the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous

PSA about Narcotics Anonymous

Information About NA

Resources for Professionals

Am I an Addict?

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