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Service Basics

These shorter service resources offer guidance about different areas of NA service. Their length makes them easier to translate and adapt than a full-sized handbook. They are Board-approved service materials and can be quickly updated if needed following a 90-day review process. 

Longer pieces of service material can be found here

PR Basics


H&I Basics

Portuguese (Brazil)Spanish

Planning Basics | Spanish

Phoneline BasicsSpanish

Translations BasicsFrench

Virtual Meeting Basics | FarsiSpanish

Virtual Meeting Quick Start GuideFarsiSpanish

Other resources for virtual meetings can be found here

Consensus-Based Decision Making Basics

Polish | Italian | NorwegianSpanish | Farsi

Serving NA in Rural and Isolated Communities


Other resources for service in rural and isolated communities can be found here

GSR BasicsSpanish | Farsi | Italian

GSR Report to Service body template

GSR report to group template

Service structure diagram

Conventions and Events

Contracts and NegotiationsSpanish

Contract Support Material

Money ManagementSpanish

Money Management Support Material

The Program Committee & Development of the Program

Program Committee Support Materials


Narcotics Anonymous World Services ("NAWS") provides literature, service materials, bulletins and various other tools for NA members, NA groups, and NA service committees as resources in their NA service delivery efforts. Our production and distribution of these materials is not intended to imply that NAWS is in a position of authority over any of those who use these materials. NAWS does not have any centralized control over any NA members, NA groups, or other NA service committees.

All service materials produced by NAWS are offered as a reference resource, and their application is at the sole discretion of the user. They should not be considered directives or mandates from NAWS, and may be adapted or applied as the user sees fit. Additionally, NAWS takes no responsibility in any issues of liability that may result from the application of these materials.

News for the Public

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