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Service System Project

Service System Options GLS Addenda

The Service System Project was created to take an overall view at how to improve local services and address some of the long-standing challenges in service delivery. All of the information published by World Services about this project is available from links on this page, or one of the archive pages listed below. 

The first achievement of the project was the unanimous approval at the 2010 World Service Conference of A Vision for NA Service, a view of what our services are striving to accomplish that serves to guide and inspire us.

A Vision for NA Service | Spanish

At the 2014 WSC the Fellowship adopted three motions related to local services and approved the 2014–2016 Service System Project Plan. With the passage of those motions and the approval of the project plan we are continuing to support local communities that are transitioning or considering transitioning to a new service system. 

Material from the recent web meetings focused on the main ideas from the project, and the experience of local communities who are implementing them, can be found here

We are also committed to continuing the work begun by participants at the WSC to discuss ideas for the future of the WSC, and the role of zones within NA. 

As always, we continue to welcome your ideas about how to improve our service delivery. If you have questions that are not answered by the material here, please write to us and let us know:

Service System Proposals & Project Plan

The ideas from the Service System Project used to be contained in one big document called “The Service System Proposals” (SSP). Many people found the SSP overly complex and confusing, and so we are trying to take a simpler approach. The 2014 Conference Agenda Report contains the most current basic description of the ideas for local service delivery and the tools developed initially for the service system field test give a sense of how those ideas might be implemented. 


As part of the development process of the Service System Project ideas a field test of the local services portions of the proposals was held in 2012–2013. A summary of the test was included as an addendum in the 2014 CAR

The draft tools below were created for the service system field test. They are intended to help communities that are adapting the ideas from the Service System Project for their local use. These tools will continue to be revised and added to as we receive input about them. Please let us know what you think!

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