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Local Service Toolbox Project

We are excited to be working on a local service toolbox—a collection of tools that reflect our Fellowship’s best practices and experiences delivering services locally. We already have some materials, such as PR, Planning, and H&I Basics, but there are so many more we lack or that we have not revised or adapted in years. The “Basics” seem to be a good approach for us because they are perhaps less overwhelming than a large handbook, and they are easier to translate and revise. We believe a “toolbox” with small-scale pieces will have the same advantages.

The current focus of the project is virtual meetings best practices, and carrying the NA message effectively and virtually.

Virtual Meeting Basics | Farsi Spanish

This board-approved service material collects best practices on creating, administering, and even attending virtual recovery meetings. We have also extracted a single page from the tool to serve as a Quick Start Guide (EnglishFarsiSpanish) for virtual meetings.

Virtual NA Meetings: Connecting to the Service System

It seems to us that this is an issue that many in NA are still figuring out. And undoubtedly, much will change in terms of the virtual landscape of NA when shutdown orders are lifted in more places and the pandemic begins to subside. Because of all of these factors, it seems premature to begin outlining resources or service tools related to this second project focus. We want to continue discussing how virtual meetings are connecting to NA by listening to what is happening in your communities. 

Please click here Word pdf for the March 2021 report containing some background and detail about the Toolbox Project’s activities.

We continue to gather resources relevant to virtual NA meetings here – - which you may find helpful. Resources from webinars focused on the project can also be found on that page.

Due to the high level of interest in this topic, we will be including information about the project in our regular NAWS Update emails. If you are not already receiving those please visit, and if you have any questions please email We encourage you to continue sending us your locally created resources and to join us online to share your ideas.

Here are the tools we have developed so far:

CBDM Basics discusses what consensus-based decision making is and how it aligns with our spiritual principles, and offers a model of the process for communities to adapt for local use. PolishItalianSpanishFarsi

Serving NA in Rural and Isolated Communities discusses some of the challenges and solutions when carrying the message in less densely populated areas. This tool is available in English and Spanish. Along with this printed piece we are also offering a webpage containing links to downloadable locally developed resources here.

GSR BasicsSpanishFarsi is intended to help NA members better understand the group service representative (GSR) commitment and to more effectively participate in the work of a local service body. We have also created two templates for GSR reports here and here, and a diagram of the service structure here.

Whether you are a service veteran or a local service newcomer, we could use your help.

What can you do?

Sign up for project updates by emailing if you are not already receiving NAWS Update emails. (Please include your name and address.)

Send us any tools that have been helpful locally—sample agendas, workshops, guidelines, policies, budgeting tools, project outlines, you name it. If it’s helped your local service delivery, it will probably help others.

Share your ideas and experience in our local service toolbox web meetings. These will be announced to all who signed up at and via our regular NAWS Update emails

Help spread the word and raise awareness locally

Following a decision by participants at the 2018 WSC, service materials produced by this project will be identified as World Board-approved material and follow the same approval process as service pamphlets. That means after the World Board signs off on them, drafts will be distributed to Conference participants for a 90-day review before being identified as approved.

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