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Videos posted

Please feel free to post a link to any of these videos. If you would like to download a version of any of these videos to show at an NA events, contact

Video of the NA Fellowship Growth and Development from 1953-2023

EnglishPortuguese (Brazil)RussianSpanish

This is a series of videos showcasing the work of World Services. 

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Where your contribution goes

Where your contribution flows

Audio Basic Text Videos
ArabicFrench CanadianGreekHebrewHungarianPortuguese BrazilianRussianSpanish | Thai
Play this 40th Anniversary video to hear the historic vote to pass the motion to approve the Basic Text as our first book!


  • Video describing Fellowship Development efforts around the world (September 2021)
  • Video of Service Day Webinaron FD
  • FD trip in Saudi Arabia video
  • Thank you to NAWS from NA Indonesia video
  • Sixth Edition Basic Text finally available in French!
  • The effect of having the Basic Text in Portuguese Brazilian video

Information about the development and history of the FIPT

View the Video in Portuguese | Spanish

Playlist of What is NAWS PPPPPPP Playlist of YouTube Videos describing NA World Services Purpose and Function
(Updated September 2021)
PR efforts Playlist of YouTube Videos describing Public Relations efforts by NA World Services and around the fellowship
Video of NAWS Update Webinar from March 2021
Collection of locally produced videos for viewing, linking, and downloading. Good for workshops, events, and social media.

YouTube Channel for viewing

Google Drive for downloading

News for the Public

Contains links to items of interest to the general public and professionals about the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous

PSA about Narcotics Anonymous

Information About NA

Resources for Professionals

Am I an Addict?

Welcome to NA

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