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World Convention

The Power of Love

WCNA 38—29 August through 1 September 2024, at the Walter Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Details and links below

IT’S TIME! Don’t miss the cut-off: Pre-registration CLOSES 31 July! It’s time to make your plans, if you haven’t already. Before July 31, registration is $10 less expensive and includes early access to the merchandise room. We can’t wait to see you at WCNA 38. 

The NA World Convention is an unforgettable experience. This will be the first time we’ve gathered since 2018 – in beautiful Washington, DC. Hotel rooms and special event tickets are still available. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ, and contact us at

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Check out these quick WCNA videos: 

WCNA 38 Teaser Video | WCNA Inspiration | WCNA Then & Now

Register for WCNA or sign up for one of our distribution lists to be notified as new convention information is available:

WCNA FAQCancellation FAQ

The FAQ will help explain details that aren’t covered below. We will update the FAQ as more information becomes available.

NA World Services contracts with a number of providers to help make the World Convention a special occasion. We offer these links as a service, and not to imply an endorsement or affiliation beyond the contracted service.


Registration for WCNA 38 begins at $175 US. We know it’s more than other conventions. WCNA costs a lot to produce—and more this year than ever before. We expect this to be the largest convention we’ve ever held, and the facilities required to hold us—the security required for a large event in a capital city—translations, ADA accommodations, equipment and labor—the technology to make the meetings visible and available in the convention center and around the world—the costs will exceed revenue from registration. We count on merchandise sales to make up the remainder, and meeting our hotel room blocks helps defray some facilities expenses. The WCNA workgroup and more than 1500 volunteers make this event possible. Each of us demonstrates the Power of Love in our actions and goodwill as we bring an event this big and complex into reality.  Click here for registration.

Pre-registration costs less and helps us plan more. Register before 31 July 2024 for pre-registration rate and goodies, including early access to the merchandise store. 


We have contracted with over 25 hotels for this event, and have negotiated some great rates for members. Because there is so much to see and do in DC, our hotels have agreed to honor convention rates three days before and after WCNA 38. While we realize some people are accustomed to booking on their own, it really helps WCNA when you book rooms in our room block. And because so many rooms in the major hotels are reserved for us, trying to book directly with the hotels may result in a message that they are sold out, or available only at a premium price. A map of the convention site and hotels, and information about each hotel are available. Click here for hotel reservations.



Convention service is rewarding. It’s a great way to meet people, to make friends, and to show our gratitude. And there’s enough to do at a world convention that if you’re willing, we’ll find a place for you! In order to volunteer to be of service at WCNA 38, members must be registered for the convention. Please make sure you have time to pick up your registration package before your service commitment starts.

After you sign up for a volunteer slot (or slots!), you will receive a confirmation email.

(The software we use to gather the volunteer information and send the confirmation email comes from a company called “Golden.” We are not affiliated with that company, and are unable to change the email footer.)

Share Your Photos

If you have photos or clips of NA events that we can use in videos or displays please upload them here:

We would love to have your WCNA photos in real time. Please make sure you have permission from those in your photo. Videos are under construction throughout the weekend and your photos are worth a thousand words. Thank you for sharing.

Alternative Merchandise

NA service bodies ONLY can sell merchandise in the Alternative Merchandise Store, Sunday 1 September 8-10am. If your service body (group, area, region, zone, convention committee, etc.) is interested, please email for information on how to register.

If you’re a shopper or collector you know this is a convention highlight. Plan to get up extra early for the market!


Get 15% off a wide selection of tours with the code WCNALOVE:


The convention center is large and it’s hot in DC this time of year. If you need mobility assistance or medical equipment to make your trip safe and comfortable, contact

Speaker Recordings

You don't have to have an active registration to order the recordings. You (and your local event planning committees!) can have access to the Power of Love, whether or not you plan to be there. 

Use this link to order the full set on CD:

Use this link to order the full set on a convenient custom thumb drive:

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