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Volunteering to be of Service at WCNA

Members wishing to volunteer to be of service at WCNA 38 must be registered in order to volunteer. The volunteer link will open soon.

There will be plenty of opportunities to be of service once you’re onsite, as well. Check with the Convention Information Desk for opportunities to serve throughout WCNA.

Interested in participating in the speaker evaluation process? Evaluators listen to MP3 recordings and use an online form to submit evaluations. Members must have at least 5 years clean and internet access. If you are interested in being of service as an evaluator, please select Item G from the Focus Group Volunteer Form,

To submit a potential speaker, please complete our online form here: Or a CD recording can be sent by mail with a printed copy of this form. No more than one recording per speaker, please. Recordings are not required to be considered.

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