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NAWS Web Archive

This page contains material from the open web meetings hosted by NA World Services, including audio recordings of the meetings, reports summarizing the content, and the PowerPoints shown during the meetings.

World Unity Day September 2023

Six members from four countries shared their recovery to celebrate World Unity Day, 2023. Over 1000 connections joined the meeting, many were groups and recovery events.

New Meeting Finder Informational Webinar November 2023

This webinar recording walks through the new approach to the meeting finder and explains what information is needed from trusted servants. A presentation is followed by questions and answers.

Sponsorship Day December 2022

Six members from the US, Ireland, and Australia shared their personal experience with sponsorship.

World Unity Day September 2022

Six members from five countries shared their recovery to celebrate World Unity Day, 2022. Over 1000 connections joined the meeting, many were groups and recovery events.

New Ideas for Fellowship Development July 2022

Five NA communities shared. Topics included efforts to bring recovery to the First Nation communities of Northern Quebec, the Complete Transparency Project in the Greater Philadelphia Region that aims to help better inform NA members about the work of NA World Services, the use of social media as a fellowship development tool in Moscow, regional Fellowship development in Portugal, and Local Action Forums in Brazil that seek to involve and train members in local service efforts.

Attracting Members to Service March 2022

Members shared about the creation of the committee responsible for the Multi-Zonal Service Symposium in the US, efforts to create a welcoming atmosphere in the Sunshine Sisters virtual group’s meetings, encouraging members in service in Costa Rica, revitalizing PR service in the El Paso area in Texas, and the We Do Recover virtual area in the Chicagoland Region.

Sponsorship December 2021

Ten members from the US, Iran, Sweden, Turkey, Rwanda, Brazil, and Australia shared their personal experience with sponsorship.

Creating a Safe and Welcoming Atmosphere in NA September 2021

To celebrate the 2021 World Unity Day eight members were invited to share about efforts to address predatory behavior in NA and to welcome members who have not always felt that way. The meeting also featured a share from a newer NA member who got clean in virtual meetings.

Additional material related to addressing predatory, disruptive, or violent behavior can be found here

Fellowship Development May 2021

Information about some of the many Fellowship development (FD) efforts undertaken by NA World Services was interspersed with shares from 12 NA members about the 24 hour marathon meeting based in Argentina, Indonesian FD efforts, services in the Brazilian Amazon to help NA grow, services provided in the Russian-speaking Zone, NA in Iran, Project P3 in the American Midwest, the European Service Learning Days event, and the training videos created by three zones in the Eastern US, the creation of the Afri-Can Zone, and FD efforts in Nigeria, Latin-American virtual H&I panels, the efforts by the NA Support Team for Arabic Communities to start NA in countries where it currently doesn’t exist, and the Central Ohio Area efforts to get NA literature placed on inmate tablets.

Virtual Meetings: Connecting to the Service System March 2021

This meeting focused on the Local Service Toolbox Project’s work to provide resources for virtual meetings. Members from five groups and two service bodies shared, including virtual groups from Philadelphia, Washington State, San Diego, Alabama, and New York, as well as a virtual support forum organized to share solutions amongst virtual groups, and a multi-national Arabic-speaking support group for virtual meetings. 

Carrying the Message Virtually December 2020

Four different service efforts were showcased in this meeting: “Presentation meetings” to introduce parolees to NA in Southern California, attendance at a virtual criminal justice conference by the Northeast Zonal Forum in cooperation with the Connecticut Region, bringing virtual panels into jails and prisons in New Mexico, and cooperative efforts between the Latin-American and Brazilian zones to bring virtual meetings into prisons in Mexico.

Virtual Meetings October 2020

Representatives from two virtual groups, a virtual area, and a virtual region shared about carrying the message effectively and virtually. Information was also provided about a survey of members’ experience of virtual meetings in Latin America, and from service bodies that provide virtual meetings in Montana, the UK, and Brazil.

NA in the time of Coronavirus July 2020

This meeting included experience from six NA communities focused on deciding whether or not to return to hosting in-person meetings, and organizing hybrid meetings.

The Journey Continues 2020 WNIRNA event

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